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St John Ambulance Hall, Westwey Road, Weymouth DT4 8SU

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Our church service is  held every Sunday at 6:00 for 6:15. In addition to prayers, singing a few well chosen hymns with Millie playing the organ, a reading and address by the attending medium, and sending out our healing thoughts to those on the church list, a big part of the service is given over to a demonstration of mediumship.

This is where the medium makes contact with the spiritual world to pass on messages to members of the congregation, messages that give us evidence that life is eternal and that our loved ones that have passed are still watching over us and sending us their love.

Do also stay for tea, coffee and biscuits if you would like to get to know us and have a chat, or to share any thoughts or questions you may have.

We wish you love, caring, fellowship and healing.

Family Service Sundays 6pm

Music, Prayer & Mediumship
All Welcome

Spiritual Healing Fridays 2pm

Music, Prayer & Healing
All Welcome

Special Events Diary

Friday, 28th July – Darren Britain

Friday, 10th November – Dan Clarke


Church Library

We have a number of books on Spiritualism and personal development.

July Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

Please join us in July to support the lovely mediums who are taking our services this month- Dawn Collinson, who has stepped in to replace Jon Gault, Pat Vitins, Gwen Smith coming to us whilst on holiday, Angie Freeland, Rob & Linda Pallett.  All these friends of the church offer a chance to learn more about Spiritualism, in addition to giving fine evidence of survival.

Darren Brittain’s Clairvoyance Evening Friday, 28th July, 7.30pm

Tickets (£8) are selling fast – don’t miss out on an opportunity to see an excellent medium who proved very popular last year.  Contact Fay or Enid for tickets.

Julia’s House

Our Treasurer says we raised £465 for our church charity in the last year thanks to 50% of all raffles, the sales from the Craft Stall and Jean’s delicious Christmas cakes. Jean and Sharon will be running another craft stall at Darren’s evening on 28th so please support them to make sure we can raise even more for Julia’s House this year.


Sincerest thanks went to all the Officers and Committee who had beavered away so hard to keep the church running in the past year, despite illness and work and family commitments. Special thanks were paid to Martina and Jade for their essential contribution in formatting the Newsletter and updating our Facebook page and website. So many organisations are experiencing difficulties in recruiting volunteers at the moment so it is wonderful we have been able to buck the trend. Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM. Our numbers were up on last year and led to the election of a new, enlarged and re-invigorated committee. This includes 2 nu-bees and 3 returning former committee members. Jean Levett remains our Bookings Secretary, which is a very arduous task, as she ensures we always have a medium despite last minute cancellations. Tricia Davis has volunteered to become Librarian. Do take a look at our Library if you would like to learn more about different aspects of Spiritualism.

New circle

Leeann Miller has offered to run a Beginner’s Development Circle at St. John Ambulance Hall. Starting in the autumn it would be run fortnightly from 7pm to 9pm.  The day of the week and other details will be determined by demand.  Please put your name and details on the sheet at church to register your interest. Please also be aware that this circle would require a regular commitment. There will be a modest charge to cover hire of the hall and other expenses.

Send out your love

We are living through a time of division and uncertainty, following a month of terrible happenings. All sensitive people feel the vibrations of the world around them- sensing the current pain, distrust and disharmony. But equally we can experience the warmth of love and the desire to help and support engendered in many by catastrophe. This is our opportunity to come together and send out our love and healing prayers. By concentrating on, and encouraging, positive, loving thoughts we can create a more positive, happy and peaceful world. Let’s create a rainbow of love and blessings.


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June Newsletter 2017


Our mediums

June sees the return visits of several medium friends of the church as we welcome back Elaine Astin, Ruth Freya with David Wallace, Sharon Brown and Kay Lewis

Psychic Art Workshop with Psychic Artist Penny Jones on Saturday, 10th June, 10a.m. to 12.30  Currently there is just one place left for this new event. Why don’t you take advantage of it and explore psychic art in a relaxed way amongst like-minded people. Penny will be providing the art materials, places cost of £16 (£15 members). Refreshments will be available.


Please support our AGM after our service on Sunday 28th June. If you are interested in getting involved please speak to any of the committee.

Parking reminder

St. John’s often use their Ambulance on Sundays to offer First Aid at shows during the summer months. Please ensure you are not parked outside the garage or directly opposite so they can put the ambulance away unhindered.

The sound of silence

I heard this on the World Service one sleepless night- the story of a blind man’s life changed by a friendship. Dr. Sanford  (Sandy)  Greenberg is a man with a mission- to wipe out blindness and he is offering a prize of 2 million dollars as a catalyst in that search.

Sandy was a student in the sixties at Colombia with Art Garfunkel as his roommate. The two friends made a pact to help one another in a crisis and Art was to fulfil his vow when Sandy suddenly went blind and dropped out of college. Coming from a poor family he missed out on early diagnosis which could have saved some sight. Art went to Sandy’s home and, together with Sandy’s girlfriend, persuaded him that they needed one another and Sandy could continue his studies with the help of readers. Art would join him in the evenings saying ‘Darkness is going to read to you now. Hello darkness, my old friend’. Art altered his life to accommodate Sandy’s needs but one day he left Sandy on Grand Central Station. Panicked Sandy blundered around into people but somehow eventually found his way back to campus where he bumped into a man whose voice he recognised. Art had followed him every step of the way. Sandy had learnt he could survive and achieve anything he wanted to do, going on to graduate from Harvard and Oxford.

Then one day Art phoned saying he wanted to drop out of Architecture and go into business with Paul Simon but needed $500. Now it was Sandy’s turn to keep the pact. He had enough available in a grant and that’s how the first Simon and Garfunkel album ‘The Sound of Silence’ was born. Arthur and Sandy have stayed friends for over 50 years.

When Sandy learnt in hospital that he was blind he promised himself to do everything he could to make sure no one else would go blind. An insane, naïve but glorious challenge for the 21st century – the $2million in gold represents the colour of the beautiful sunset he saw with his girlfriend on the shores of a Canadian lake in the last days of his sight. The prize is a catalyst in the search for nothing else than the light. See www.endblindnessby2020.com


Read the full newsletter here: June 2017

May Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

Once again we will be welcoming back four mediums who are well known in the church. Jean Tanner, who is with us on 22nd , will be returning on Saturday 10th September to take a Clairvoyance Tea. On Sunday, 15th May come and meet Heather Goncalves who will be taking her first service here. Please support her and all our mediums. I just want to make a mention of Janet Ridge’s excellent first service with us last month. Don’t miss her when she returns.

Our Summer Special on Saturday, 4th June at 7.30pm features International Medium, Darren Brittain. Tickets are £8 and are on sale now.

AGM Our Annual General Meeting will follow the service on 12th June. Please stay and vote to elect the Officers and Committee for the coming year and let us know your ideas. The Annual subscription is only £5 and gives various benefits including the right to vote. Please see Shelley, our Membership Secretary.

Hymns   There has been a very slow response to last month’s request.  I would still like to know your favourite hymns so that we can eventually compile them on a CD. Please write them down on the sheet.

Reminders and Requests

Parking The second space in from the left against the Hall wall is reserved for the medium. Please don’t put them under pressure by taking their promised parking spot. Also a reminder that the St John ambulance may need to enter or exit at any time so do not park in front of the garage doors.

Respecting the Medium Please do not talk or discuss a message whilst the medium is giving clairvoyance. It is distracting to the medium and can prevent others from hearing the current message.


If you want to travel quickly travel alone. If you want to travel far travel in a group. I was intrigued when I heard this saying (attributed to an African proverb or Rudyard Kipling) and variously borrowed by Al Gore for climate change and by the Daniel Plan, which promotes a lifestyle program. A positive part of that suggests the most important thing you can do is to renew your mind through a daily quiet time, a time with God.

I was reminded of the travel quote when one the congregation said she would never be able to travel abroad again. I love my twinning trips to France and the many experiences shared with both French and English friends. When the time comes to stop it will be hard but the happy memories of shared experiences will remain. We are each at a different point in our own journey but all paths lead to the same eventual destination. Perhaps we fail to recognise that we may learn more in our daily routines as our lives intermingle with others than we do in the brief days of a holiday.


Read our full newsletter here: May Newsletter 2017