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St John Ambulance Hall, Westwey Road, Weymouth DT4 8SU

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Our church service is  held every Sunday at 6:00 for 6:15. In addition to prayers, singing a few well chosen hymns with Millie playing the organ, a reading and address by the attending medium, and sending out our healing thoughts to those on the church list, a big part of the service is given over to a demonstration of mediumship.

This is where the medium makes contact with the spiritual world to pass on messages to members of the congregation, messages that give us evidence that life is eternal and that our loved ones that have passed are still watching over us and sending us their love.

Do also stay for tea, coffee and biscuits if you would like to get to know us and have a chat, or to share any thoughts or questions you may have.

We wish you love, caring, fellowship and healing.

Family Service Sundays 6pm

Music, Prayer & Mediumship
All Welcome

Spiritual Healing Fridays 2pm

Music, Prayer & Healing
All Welcome

Special Events Diary

Friday, 28th July – Darren Britain

Friday, 10th November – Dan Clarke


Church Library

We have a number of books on Spiritualism and personal development.

April Newsletter 2017


Our mediums

Join us this month to see Dawn Collinson return to take her second service with us. She is remembered for her lovely service in March 2016 before the birth of her twins. Dawn is followed by the welcome return of old friends Wendy Wharton, Irene and David Jackson, who will take our Easter service, then Justin and Louise Riggs and finally Toni Goswell.

Our Next Special Event

Jean Tanner’s Clairvoyance Tea on Saturday, 8th April at 2.00pm:  some tickets are still available (£8 and £7 (members)). Booking is a must to ensure there are enough cakes!

Membership 2017/18

Our new membership year starts from 1st April. Membership still costs just £5. It entitles you to priority booking at Specials, the use of our excellent library and a vote at the AGM, plus it helps support the church. Please see Shelley to pay your subscription. The Annual General Meeting will follow in May or June.

Your committee works tirelessly to keep the church running smoothly, to introduce new mediums and events and welcome newcomers. We try hard to foster a warm, loving and positive atmosphere to nurture and support everyone here. To that end if you have questions, queries, suggestions or criticisms then please tell us.

Portland Healers

Portland Healers opened in 2004 and has offered healing and comfort to very many over the years. Four of the devoted original healers remain as working members of the group. Sadly they have now decided that, because of work commitments and health concerns, their Wednesday evening sessions will cease after 26th April. However, they are still happy to offer home visits free of charge (fuel expenses welcome for distances). You can contact Phil & Cynthia Tarrant 01305 824873, Ann Godfrey 01305 820038, Norman Talbot 01305 821640.

Healing is available at Weymouth every Friday from 2pm till 3.30pm. There is no charge but a voluntary donation of £2 is welcomed towards our Hall rental charge of £25 for the afternoon. Please note we will be shut on Good Friday, 14th April.

Psychic News

We have been approached to sell copies of Psychic News again over a trial period, starting in April. We last offered it in 2012. It has now become a monthly edition at £2.80 from us, or £3.80 in W.H. Smiths. Please see Shelley, Sharon or Tricia to pay for your copy and give us your feedback.

Never too late

I loved the story of Ursula Shepherd who is learning to read at the age of 87. She left school at 15 unable to read or write, having been labelled as a dunce. She wants to be able to visit her local library to read romantic fiction and to be able to understand knitting patterns. What a lovely example of someone finally meeting a lifetime challenge. She wants to be a role model for all who struggle with literacy and show ‘it’s never too late’.

Read our full newsletter here: April 2017

March Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

This month we look forward to the pleasure of seeing the return of four popular mediums, friends of the church, who have served us over a number of years. Join us to enjoy Sundays with Janeann Massey, Andy Ford, Angie Page and Kay Lewis.

Our Next Special Event- change of date

Ooops – sorry- please take note of our new date. Jean Tanner will now take the Clairvoyance Tea on Saturday, 8th April at 2.00pm because I was an early April Fool as the Hall had been pre-booked for a party. With our new date booking has now opened with tickets at £8 and £7 (members). Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy a great afternoon of clairvoyance from a first class medium and delicious cakes from our own ‘Mary Berry’.

Spring pleasures

Spring truly lifts the spirit with its promise of new life and
new beginnings. I have been thrilled to see the daffodils
and crocus burst into bloom in the front garden; whilst from my kitchen window there is the joy of seeing a cloud of pink blossom on a neighbour’s flowering cherry. Feel I can come out of partial hibernation as the light and colour help lift our mood. Hope more of you will venture out and support the church to ensure we stay open.

Just want to say a big thank you to Tricia Davis’s husband for his carpentry skills in repairing the organ and righting the wonky cross. Thank you to all of you who step in to help out by moving chairs and collecting the hymn books- you are appreciated.


Those of you who are regulars will know how wide ranging our medium’s choice of reading can be. While certain medium’s choice may be predictable others will keep us guessing. Those choices can range from The Aquarian Gospel to the poetry of Helen Steiner Rice, from Internet borrowings to inspired or channelled information brought through as prose or poetry. Often the medium will say he/she is given no peace until the words in their ear are committed to paper.

I have learnt that we each journey on a unique pathway and the challenges and choices which face us at each junction and crossroad are our personal responsibility. We must not judge others but only seek our own solutions. Lessons which we ignore will present themselves again and again until resolved. People and situations are given us to help our own and others’ development and learning. By allowing ourselves time and space to go into the quiet to contact the spirit within we can access the answers we seek.

Read our full newsletter here: March 2017

February Newsletter 2017

Our Mediums

This month we have the pleasure of welcoming back three well known and loved mediums ( Linda Bassett, Lawrence Savill and Hazel McLister-Brewer) and Dawn Collinson who gave us such a lovely service last March before the birth of her twin boys.

Our Next Special Event

This is no April Fool – Jean Tanner is going to take another of our popular afternoons- a Clairvoyance Tea on Saturday, 1st April at 2.00pm. This is a great chance to enjoy clairvoyance from a first class medium and delicious cakes in friendly company. Tickets will go on sale mid- February.


Regarding possible future Saturday workshops the committee will be discussing the results of the recent questionnaire shortly. Please take give us your feedback on the questionnaires still available at the Hall. If you are interested but have yet to complete one there is still time-so please do it.

Our Candle Table

Just a reminder of the purpose of the candle table beside the altar. You are invited to light a candle for friends and family in memory of them and shared times you hold dear.

Thousands of candles can be lightened from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.


I said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year but take a day at a time with small targets. Have just managed to achieve a get-together with two old colleagues, suggested in Christmas cards for years. After several failed resolutions we finally made it and it was so enjoyable. Now it’s time to tackle the next challenge.


There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life, happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else. 

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