All about The Light

The Light, our lovely Spiritual Home

What makes our church a special place is the team that runs it, that team being made up of an elected committee and of the many members of the church congregation who help week in week out.

Many visiting mediums often comment on what a lovely church we have and on the positive energy they feel when visiting us. The location of our church is by the inner Weymouth harbour close to the town centre.

The congregation of all ages make ‘The Light’ a lovely spiritual home for us all.

The Principles of Spiritualism

We believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all life.

We teach that each individual is personally responsible for all actions and deeds, be they good or bad. That wrong doing can only be corrected by the individual concerned. That eternal progress is open to every soul.

We know that communion with the spirit world is possible and that Spirit Teachers and Healers return to Earth conditions to provide help for those who stand in need.

We accept the teachings and example which was demonstrated by Jesus the Christ.  That we will at all times try to live by that example.

History of 'The Light' Christian Spiritualist Church

Our Church was founded in the 1970s by Carrie Penn, a well-known local medium, and began in a Hall in Market Street, Weymouth. Owned by the Oddfellows Friendly Society, this was effectively a secret room. It was entered by an inconspicuous front door, indistinguishable from the otherdoors on the street and opened onto a flight of stairs leading to a tardis -like space sitting across the width of 2 houses, lit by roof lites.

Carrie Penn regularly travelled to serve churches Dorset, Hants and Wilts and Kay Bellamy became the Bookings Secretary and general Administrator with the help of a small committee. In those days most bookings and reminders were made by letter as phone calls were expensive. Many mediums travelled by train and sometimes required accommodation. By the late eighties Carrie had retired to live with her daughter in Parkstone and Kay and her husband Richard continued to run the church.

In 1996 came the shock news that the Weymouth Oddfellowsnumbers had fallen to single figures and the premises were to be sold. The committee looked into the possibility of buying but the price was too high. This turned out to be a blessing as the newly rebuilt St. John Ambulance Hall in Westwey Road had just become available to rent. This offered a large hall, side rooms, a kitchen and modern cloakroom facilities plus free parking. It gave easy access for elderly or handicapped who no longer had to face the difficult stairs.

The Hall became our new headquarters in October 1996. Very sadly shortly after the move Kay Bellamy passed away suddenly. Her daughter Fay Narraway stepped in to keep the church running with the wonderful support of friends and members of the church. A Constitution was agreed and a new committee formed.

Many things have changed over the years but we are fortunate to have Millie Frost playing the organ for us, just as she did at Market Street, and a number of people from our congregation then still attend. We love welcoming new mediums each year but also enjoy the return of established ones. Spiritual Healing on Friday afternoons has helped many and we have a proud tradition of training Probationer healers.  Our specials events- Clairvoyance Evenings and Psychic Suppers are very popular. Why not come and see for yourself – you will be very welcome.