August Newsletter 2017


Our mediums

This month we welcome back mediums who are well known to us and true friends of the church. Please join us to enjoy our Sunday services with Kay Lewis, Hazel McLister-Brewer, Irene and David Jackson and Dawn Collinson. Each service can offer a new experience as every medium works in a unique way and offers different insights into the Spirit World.


As I write some 64 tickets have been reserved for Darren Brittain’s Clairvoyance Evening on 28th July and plans are already underway for our next event. This will be one of our very popular Psychic Suppers with local mediums on Friday, 13th October. This offers a fun evening. It is great value at £10 for 2 short readings and a supper option of fish and chips, jumbo sausage and chips or a veggie burger and chips, plus the friendly company of your table companions.

New circle

Numbers are building for the new Beginner’s Development Circle with Lee-Ann Miller at St. John Ambulance Hall. It will be held on the first and third Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm, starting on Thursday, 5th October. There will be a £5 charge to cover hire of the hall and other expense

Please put your name and details on the sheet at church to register your interest. Please be aware that sitters will need to be church members (see Shelley Hall to join) and will need to make a regular commitment to the circle.


I dipped into ‘Simple Abundance’ today and was touched by an article about Margaret Reed. She was a pioneer wife who was persuaded to travel from Illinois to California in 1846. Her husband James, a wealthy furniture manufacturer, anxious for adventure and yet more wealth, promised they would travel in luxury with all her much loved possessions. Their covered wagon was an extraordinary two storey affair with a sleeping loft. It was fitted with sprung seats, a stove and even her beloved organ. It carried 6 months supply of food and fine wine. They were part of the Donner Party. Two thousand five hundred miles from home and only two days from safety, thirty one men, women and children were stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains by a series of the worst blizzards recorded. Provisions exhausted some would resort to cannibalism to survive, but not Margaret. Left alone whilst James sought help she fed her family on snow, bark and leather broth until James returned with a rescue party. Her possessions had played no part in their survival as the wagon and its contents had long been abandoned as too heavy and difficult to manoeuvre through the mountains. The possessions which were to save Margaret and her loved ones were of Spirit – her wits, her faith and her courage.

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