June Newsletter 2017


Our mediums

June sees the return visits of several medium friends of the church as we welcome back Elaine Astin, Ruth Freya with David Wallace, Sharon Brown and Kay Lewis

Psychic Art Workshop with Psychic Artist Penny Jones on Saturday, 10th June, 10a.m. to 12.30  Currently there is just one place left for this new event. Why don’t you take advantage of it and explore psychic art in a relaxed way amongst like-minded people. Penny will be providing the art materials, places cost of £16 (£15 members). Refreshments will be available.


Please support our AGM after our service on Sunday 28th June. If you are interested in getting involved please speak to any of the committee.

Parking reminder

St. John’s often use their Ambulance on Sundays to offer First Aid at shows during the summer months. Please ensure you are not parked outside the garage or directly opposite so they can put the ambulance away unhindered.

The sound of silence

I heard this on the World Service one sleepless night- the story of a blind man’s life changed by a friendship. Dr. Sanford  (Sandy)  Greenberg is a man with a mission- to wipe out blindness and he is offering a prize of 2 million dollars as a catalyst in that search.

Sandy was a student in the sixties at Colombia with Art Garfunkel as his roommate. The two friends made a pact to help one another in a crisis and Art was to fulfil his vow when Sandy suddenly went blind and dropped out of college. Coming from a poor family he missed out on early diagnosis which could have saved some sight. Art went to Sandy’s home and, together with Sandy’s girlfriend, persuaded him that they needed one another and Sandy could continue his studies with the help of readers. Art would join him in the evenings saying ‘Darkness is going to read to you now. Hello darkness, my old friend’. Art altered his life to accommodate Sandy’s needs but one day he left Sandy on Grand Central Station. Panicked Sandy blundered around into people but somehow eventually found his way back to campus where he bumped into a man whose voice he recognised. Art had followed him every step of the way. Sandy had learnt he could survive and achieve anything he wanted to do, going on to graduate from Harvard and Oxford.

Then one day Art phoned saying he wanted to drop out of Architecture and go into business with Paul Simon but needed $500. Now it was Sandy’s turn to keep the pact. He had enough available in a grant and that’s how the first Simon and Garfunkel album ‘The Sound of Silence’ was born. Arthur and Sandy have stayed friends for over 50 years.

When Sandy learnt in hospital that he was blind he promised himself to do everything he could to make sure no one else would go blind. An insane, naïve but glorious challenge for the 21st century – the $2million in gold represents the colour of the beautiful sunset he saw with his girlfriend on the shores of a Canadian lake in the last days of his sight. The prize is a catalyst in the search for nothing else than the light. See www.endblindnessby2020.com


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