March Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

This month we look forward to the pleasure of seeing the return of four popular mediums, friends of the church, who have served us over a number of years. Join us to enjoy Sundays with Janeann Massey, Andy Ford, Angie Page and Kay Lewis.

Our Next Special Event- change of date

Ooops – sorry- please take note of our new date. Jean Tanner will now take the Clairvoyance Tea on Saturday, 8th April at 2.00pm because I was an early April Fool as the Hall had been pre-booked for a party. With our new date booking has now opened with tickets at £8 and £7 (members). Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy a great afternoon of clairvoyance from a first class medium and delicious cakes from our own ‘Mary Berry’.

Spring pleasures

Spring truly lifts the spirit with its promise of new life and
new beginnings. I have been thrilled to see the daffodils
and crocus burst into bloom in the front garden; whilst from my kitchen window there is the joy of seeing a cloud of pink blossom on a neighbour’s flowering cherry. Feel I can come out of partial hibernation as the light and colour help lift our mood. Hope more of you will venture out and support the church to ensure we stay open.

Just want to say a big thank you to Tricia Davis’s husband for his carpentry skills in repairing the organ and righting the wonky cross. Thank you to all of you who step in to help out by moving chairs and collecting the hymn books- you are appreciated.


Those of you who are regulars will know how wide ranging our medium’s choice of reading can be. While certain medium’s choice may be predictable others will keep us guessing. Those choices can range from The Aquarian Gospel to the poetry of Helen Steiner Rice, from Internet borrowings to inspired or channelled information brought through as prose or poetry. Often the medium will say he/she is given no peace until the words in their ear are committed to paper.

I have learnt that we each journey on a unique pathway and the challenges and choices which face us at each junction and crossroad are our personal responsibility. We must not judge others but only seek our own solutions. Lessons which we ignore will present themselves again and again until resolved. People and situations are given us to help our own and others’ development and learning. By allowing ourselves time and space to go into the quiet to contact the spirit within we can access the answers we seek.

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