May Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

Once again we will be welcoming back four mediums who are well known in the church. Jean Tanner, who is with us on 22nd , will be returning on Saturday 10th September to take a Clairvoyance Tea. On Sunday, 15th May come and meet Heather Goncalves who will be taking her first service here. Please support her and all our mediums. I just want to make a mention of Janet Ridge’s excellent first service with us last month. Don’t miss her when she returns.

Our Summer Special on Saturday, 4th June at 7.30pm features International Medium, Darren Brittain. Tickets are £8 and are on sale now.

AGM Our Annual General Meeting will follow the service on 12th June. Please stay and vote to elect the Officers and Committee for the coming year and let us know your ideas. The Annual subscription is only £5 and gives various benefits including the right to vote. Please see Shelley, our Membership Secretary.

Hymns   There has been a very slow response to last month’s request.  I would still like to know your favourite hymns so that we can eventually compile them on a CD. Please write them down on the sheet.

Reminders and Requests

Parking The second space in from the left against the Hall wall is reserved for the medium. Please don’t put them under pressure by taking their promised parking spot. Also a reminder that the St John ambulance may need to enter or exit at any time so do not park in front of the garage doors.

Respecting the Medium Please do not talk or discuss a message whilst the medium is giving clairvoyance. It is distracting to the medium and can prevent others from hearing the current message.


If you want to travel quickly travel alone. If you want to travel far travel in a group. I was intrigued when I heard this saying (attributed to an African proverb or Rudyard Kipling) and variously borrowed by Al Gore for climate change and by the Daniel Plan, which promotes a lifestyle program. A positive part of that suggests the most important thing you can do is to renew your mind through a daily quiet time, a time with God.

I was reminded of the travel quote when one the congregation said she would never be able to travel abroad again. I love my twinning trips to France and the many experiences shared with both French and English friends. When the time comes to stop it will be hard but the happy memories of shared experiences will remain. We are each at a different point in our own journey but all paths lead to the same eventual destination. Perhaps we fail to recognise that we may learn more in our daily routines as our lives intermingle with others than we do in the brief days of a holiday.


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