September Newsletter 2017

Our mediums

Sonia Clatworthy from Devon opens our month. Then the sharp eyed among you will have noticed that there are changes to our September schedule. Sadly these are all due to illness. Please send out your healing thoughts to Anna and Nigel Walton and Anna’s family as they have returned to Poland to support her father through a major operation. We are fortunate that Gwen and Phillip Smith will be here on holiday and have agreed to take 10th September. Angie Page is with us on 17th. There is a change to our Harvest Festival when we look forward to a first service for us from Karla and Ashley. Please send healing thoughts to Janeann Massey who cannot be with us then as she is having another foot operation.

Harvest Festival

This will take the usual format with food and produce offerings being sold after the service to aid Julia’s House, our church charity. Please check any tins and packets are in date. Suitable items which remain unsold will be sent to a local foodbank.

Psychic Supper on Friday, 13th October. Booking has started for this popular evening with local mediums. It isgreat value at £12 / £10 (members) for 2 short readings and a supper option of fish and chips, jumbo sausage and chips or a veggie burger and chips. Don’t miss out – book early.

Booking of Church Mediums (from Jean, our Bookings Secretary)
When booking Mediums for services we endeavour to give you a variety of mediums, all of whom have demonstrated their capability to deliver to an acceptable standard. Occasionally mediums tell us they are stepping back from the platform to concentrate on other aspects of mediumship such as training new mediums or, in one case, pursuing physical mediumship. Other mediums tell us they are not now doing services but are only taking workshops and clairvoyant evenings. This means we are always on the look -out for upcoming mediums to take their place. Sadly on some occasions for various reasons these do not work out.
We cannot continue to book those mediums who frequently cancel, often at the last minute. Also those mediums who cancel and then expect us to contact other mediums in order to do a swap just so that they still have a booking with us. This is unrealistic and insulting to the medium being asked to make a swap. We do have a limit on the amount of expenses we can afford to pay a medium, although we also have some mediums who come from a distance but do not ask for expenses.
Each year we book mediums for the next year and hope to be fully booked for the next year by June of the current year at the latest. This can be a difficult and time consuming task. We have mediums who serve us whilst on holiday, those who can only do summer evenings, those who only serve in the autumn, others during spring. We are ever mindful of weather conditions and in winter months book those mediums who do not have to travel a great distance. We hope this answers some of the queries congregation members may have as to why some mediums are no longer serving us and why it is not always possible to juggle a booking diary.

Reminder: Beginners Development circle starts Thursday, 5th October. 7pm till 9pm

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